I’m ridiculously excited to announce that I’ve started work on a new game: Hero Team.

It’s gunna be a 2D platformer/shooter game with local and online multiplayer.

I’m calling it the spritual sequel to my previous game Stick ‘Em Up 2, so it’s got similar gameplay, but with a new setting and graphical style, and hopefully a zillion improvements. My biggest regret with Stick ‘Em Up 2 was that it didn’t have many levels. I’d made some unfortunate technical choices that meant that making new levels was much more difficult than it should have been. This time I’m using Unreal Engine with its awesome level editor, and planning a simple low-poly art style that should make it much faster to design new levels, enemies, weapons, and all that good stuff.

You might be wondering why there’s a web site here already, when I don’t even have a screenshot to show you yet. With my previous games I pretty much kept them a secret until they were out, and treated marketing as something to be done when the game was finished and released. That, I’ve realised, was prettyyy much exactly the wrong way to do it. I’m not Beyoncé, and indie games that do well often build buzz for years before they come out. So this time I’m doing things completely differently, and getting started on marketing straight away to give people (like you!) a chance to get excited about the game.

So if you’re at all intrigued, then please follow one or more of my calls to action at the bottom of this page to keep updated. I’m looking forward to sharing more news when I have it (and I expect I’m gunna be looking for playtesters before too long!) Thanks for reading!